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Mistress Rachel did not like it when any girl crushed on her man. She was jealous and protective over him and when she noticed that this girl had a thing for her man, she lured her to her house and she dominated her cruelly. The mistress made the girl lick her feet as well as those of her man as she and her man were busy making out and having fun together.

Mistress Cindy wanted to dominate her girlfriend and to cuckold her. That is what she did and she made sure that her girlfriend did not just watch, but she had to do some demeaning things as well. That is why she had her girlfriend be a human ashtray and also a foot slave while she had fun with the other girl. It was humiliating but she managed to pull it off.

This mistress felt that her husband was too clingy for her liking. She did not want that to happen and she had to teach him a lesson. This was done by cruelly cuckolding him. She had him watch as she had fun with another man in their house. She had made sure that he was as humiliated as he needed to so that he would never mess with her or be clingy again.

Goddess Kiffa had noticed that her slave did not seem to know his place and she did not want that to be a thing. She wanted him to know that she would not tolerate any nonsense he did and that is why she used her high heels to put him in his place. He was humiliated as well as degraded and that is how he learned his lesson and his place.

When these mistresses were conned by this guy, they had to punish him when they realized what he was doing. The mistresses used their foot femdom to dominate him and ensure that he was in pain and that he was humiliated. They only let him go when they realized that he had learned his lesson and that he was remorseful about what he had done as well as promised to make amends.

Lady Shay was out to scare the shit out of this guy and she chose to use her foot cuckold fetish to do it. The guy was scared shitless and he did not know what to do about it. He tried to beg her to stop but she did not. She also choked him with her ass when she facesat him. In addition, another man deepthroated him before they were done with him.

These girls needed to be dominated and mistress Rachel and her friend used foot cuckolding to dominate them. They never saw it coming and they were caught flatfooted by the two They were humiliated like never before and had to be as degraded and as humiliated as they needed to be. It worked and the two of them managed to embarrass, humiliate and dominate them like they deserved to be.

This guy was horny and he wanted to have a threesome with goddess Kiffa and her friend. The two of them had fun teasing him and fattening him for slaughter. The mistresses had him lick their feet and do all other humiliating things to him while he watched them lick each other and kiss passionately and sensuously. It was later that he realized he was being humiliated without knowing about ot.

Mistress Cassandra has a thing for feet and when she noticed that her man was ignoring her and taking her for granted, she chose to use this guy who had a crush on her. She chose to foot cuckold her man and she did it without wasting a second. She turned him into a foot cuckold as she got the guy with a crush on her to pamper her feet as her man watched.

Goddess Gabriella had beef with her husband and since she knew how jealous he got, she knew that she had to cuckold him to torture him and make sure he learned his lesson the hard way. That is why she opted to foot cuckold him and then watch out for his reaction. It hurt him badly and he decided to change so as not to have any issues with him.

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