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When Lady Milena takes a slave out of her harem, she wants to spend time with him. She wants to make sure that he knows that he is special for the moment. When put her slave on his back, she put a nylon stocking over his face. She didn't want his filthy face to touch her. She put her bare feet in his face and she made him breathe her smelly odors. She knows that he doesn't like it but she does so she does it for hours.

Miss Taylor is a sexy brunette mistress that has had a couple of intense workouts wearing the same pair of socks and shoes and now her feet are all moist, sweaty and smelly. She makes her cuckold slave get on the floor in front of her feet and worship them while she sits on the couch and makes out with her lover. She makes him take his tongue and clean all the dirt, sweat and pieces of socks out of between her toes.

This mean mistress who goes by the name of miss Alyssa loves to force you to worship her sexy bare feet. This nasty babe is wearing hot nylons that make her sexy legs and sexy feet look amazing, and she knows it. So much so that she teases you, forcing you to admire her stinky feet from afar. Foot fetish fans will love the way she demands that you partake in foot worship with her.

Lucy and Holly decides to go the park. They both have on leather boots up to their knees. The walk there and the sun makes their feet sweaty and slightly stinky. They are still hot though, they peel the boots off and try to tempt you into being their own personal foot licking slave. Doesn't matter if it's in public they want you on your knees.

Mistress Vaughn has on her favorite socks and her boyfriend is laying right next to her so she has an idea. She uses him as his foot slave. Her socks have a slight smell to them, but he doesn't mind. He works his tongue all around her socks and pushes them as far in his throat as he can.

This couple is sitting right across from you teasing you because you are a cuckold slave. Their tongues do a freaky dance until their mouths are filled with each other spit then the sexy red head spits right in your face and laughs. She taunts you and pushes you over and stuffs her stinky feet right in your face and makes you lick them clean

Mistress Annabella makes her slave smell her stinky socks. He sits on her favorite red sofa with her as she lifts her socked foot and asks him if her foot stinks. He bends over like a submissive loser and takes a big sniff. "No Mistress, your socks are smelling wonderful, my Mistress"...

Mistress Dakota kisses her boyfriend while they both are lying on the bed. The ignores you while you are kneeling at the end of her bed and watching her. She knows that the only thing you are staring at are her perfect feet in her white sexy socks. The takes them off and drives you crazy by showing you her pretty bare feet while she kisses her new lover...

Mistress Crystal loves to expand her slave's limits. This time she goes very far! She makes her slave worship and lick the feet of her boyfriend!!! Her slaves always claimed how much he hates male feet and his Mistress just wants him to loose all his limits and priorities for hers...

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