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When she comes home, she has a gift for her slave. She knows that he wants to fuck her but the closest that he will get is the used condom from her lover. She just had a wild night of sex and she wants her slave to be a part of it. She calls her slave to her and she gives him a condom filled with her lover's cum so that he can swallow what's left of the night.

When she has a date with her lover, she doesn't want to go out. She wants to stay in and watch movies. She sits on the sofa with her lover and calls her slave to her. She tells her slave to service her feet. Her lover kisses her as her slave takes her shoes off and starts to kiss and lick her feet. She loves the feel of his tongue on her soles and sucking her toes as she sucks her lovers tongue.

Miss Nikki and Miss Vikki enjoy having a slave. They know they can take their time and do things no real man would allow. Miss Nikki called him into the kitchen and ordered him to lay down. They took turns jumping up and down on him. They enjoyed hearing him grunt in pain. When Miss Vikki's boyfriend came over, they made out while she was jumping on her slave's body.

This couple is sitting right across from you teasing you because you are a cuckold slave. Their tongues do a freaky dance until their mouths are filled with each other spit then the sexy red head spits right in your face and laughs. She taunts you and pushes you over and stuffs her stinky feet right in your face and makes you lick them clean

Mistress Annalise is sitting on her bed while her slave is lying on the ground right under her sexy sneakers. She calls a girlfriend and rests her sneakers on her slaves face. Then she takes them off to make him smell her stinky socks. Finally he gets rewarded for being such a nice little pig: She rubs her bare feet all over his face and grants him to lick her soles clean...

Mistress Nivia shows off her stinky bare soles to you while she is lying next to her boy friend. She knows that you are totally turned on by her perfect feet especially the fact that you will never be able to touch them drives you crazy. All you can do is paying and spoiling this Mistress...

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