Foot Cuckold Clips

Girls use men as their foot cuckolds

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Mistress Cassandra has a thing for feet and when she noticed that her man was ignoring her and taking her for granted, she chose to use this guy who had a crush on her. She chose to foot cuckold her man and she did it without wasting a second. She turned him into a foot cuckold as she got the guy with a crush on her to pamper her feet as her man watched.

Mistress Carmela wanted to cuckold her ex as she was sure it was the best way to dominate him. But he was lucky that she downgraded the kind of punishment she had in store for him. She settled on foot cuckold as opposed to the original idea she had of making him drink another man's cum from a used condom. But it was still humiliating and degrading but he did it.

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