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Goddess Kiffa and her husband had a major fall out and she had to get back at him for taking money out of their account and using it for shitty things. She made him a foot cuckold and he had to lick her feet while she blew another man on their couch. She was sure he would not attempt any nonsense as the other man was stronger than him and was more endowed.

When Megan decides to shame her husband, she puts him on his hands and knees. As soon as he is close to her feet, she starts to tease him. She tells him that she knows it turns him on to see her feet but his dick is too tiny to make a difference to her. She tells him how bad of a lover he is. She enjoys putting her feet in his face because she knows it gets him horny and she won't let him cum.

Goddess Megan knows how to treat a wimpy man and this cuckold POV video will have you looking right up at her sweaty feet after she has been out for a night on the town with men who are worth her time. Her cuckolded footboys can only have the humiliating pleasure of seeing her take off her high heels and then licking her sweaty feet and between her toes as she verbally abuses them

The beautiful Nina shows you her beautiful shoes in closeup POV style. She wants you to partake in foot worship with her, and knows that a foot slave like you can't resist sucking and licking her sexy high heels over and over again. Her high heel boots are filthy and need to be licked clean, so don't disappoint her. This is some great foot cuckold POV that shouldn't be missed out on!

Little Miss spoiled Deeane wants her pretty feet sucked on and worshipped. See puts her feet all in your face tempting you to taste her bare feet. She dances around her living room with her thongs all the way up her round perfect sexy ass. Her pinstriped top fits her titties just right. See how pretty her feet are? Don't you wanna taste?

Mistress Vaughn has on her favorite socks and her boyfriend is laying right next to her so she has an idea. She uses him as his foot slave. Her socks have a slight smell to them, but he doesn't mind. He works his tongue all around her socks and pushes them as far in his throat as he can.

Blonde bombshell Domme Sara V has a hot ass roommate that loves to participate in her sexual activities. Domme and her rock and roll boyfriend do a little foot tease with her petite feet but not before they make her BF smell her sweaty socks and after that she stuffs her bare feet in her mouth while they have sex.

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