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The gorgeous erotic blonde Danielle has just broke the bad news to you that you won't be fucking her tonight in the honeymoon suite. She has just told you that its been your best man she's been fucking all this time behind your back and it's going to continue that way and there's nothing you cna do about it. This hot mistress has just humiliated you in the worst way

The tall blonde sexy princess Helena totally humiliates her joschi slave as she has him kneel before naked on the floor wearing a dog collar and drinking from used condoms. The sexy Goddess wears her white skirt and top and knee high nut busting white leather high heels. The bound slave is forced to wear a dog collar and beg for the used condoms like a dog from the dog bowl

This sexy blonde haired bimbo gets cum all up in her red high heels! Watch her shake her naughty ass, whirl, and twirl up on this stud, rubbing his cock until he blows his massive load deep within the sole of her shoes! This babe loves to see his white spooge in the sole of her red high heels! When she is finally done with him, he don't know what to do with himself!

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