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Mistress Tiffany did not like how her boyfriend behaved so she sought to send a strong message to him. She wanted him to realize that she had options and she was going to use them if he did not change. She made him lick her feet while she made out with mistress Sonia and she told him that Sonia satisfied her more than him and yet she did not have a dick.

Megan makes her little bitch slave store up his cum for weeks. She wants his balls to be full when she is ready to subject him to a ballbusting session. She puts on some high heel boots with extra tall heels. She makes him put his junk through a hole while she kicks and steps all over his cock. She smashes his loser cock and crushes it with her high heel boots.

Nikki and Vikki are having fun, when Nikki's boyfriend comes in. She makes her cuckold boyfriend lie down and they jump up and down him while she kisses the guy from the gym whom they invited to have fun with them

A mistress is going to have two of her friends over to show them how good she is at ballbusting and domination. She will giggle as she tells them how she degrades her slave, but the best part is when she starts to walk on his balls and kicks him in the balls. Her friends are all laughing at the slave as he is tortured by the mistress.

Joe's been a bad boy. So bad, in fact that his Mistress Megan has over an really attractive couple -an asian hottie and her hunk guy- to kick him repeatedly in the balls and dick. When Joe still doesn't learn his lesson, they try on differen high heels to kick him with, and trample on his crotch. They even have him lick the other guy's dirty feet.

Mistress Crystal loves to expand her slave's limits. This time she goes very far! She makes her slave worship and lick the feet of her boyfriend!!! Her slaves always claimed how much he hates male feet and his Mistress just wants him to loose all his limits and priorities for hers...

Miss Crash invited a fan to her home but when he arrives she's making out with her boyfriend - which is much more important than the fan. But she agrees to let him worship her feet - while she's making out with her man. She also kicks his balls a few times and uses him as her human ashtray when she decides to push the humiliation to the absolute limit. She tells him to worship her boyfriend's shoes and bare feet too - or he'll never worship her feet again. Of course the foot-perv isn't really excited about worshipping a man's disgusting feet but he does it anyway!

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