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Girls use men as their foot cuckolds

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These mistresses have a weird way of dominating their subjects. They like to make them watch while they are getting freaky. They like to make them hot with desire and there is no way of them getting the flames extinguished.

Nikki and Vikki are having fun, when Nikki's boyfriend comes in. She makes her cuckold boyfriend lie down and they jump up and down him while she kisses the guy from the gym whom they invited to have fun with them

The sexy goddess with gorgeous breasts and lean, long legs wearing black lingerie and stockings and matching black heels humiliates and insults you in this cuckold POV scene that leaves you helpless to respond in any way but to accept her terms. Her dominant beauty and her selfish mastery over you are absolute as she has you whimpering and worshipping her and doing whatever she wants you to do.

Mistress Sara kisses her boyfriend while they are lying on the bed. He's absolutely crazy about her and they keep kissing all the time and ignore you while you are kneeling at the end of her bed. She waves her sexy socked foot in front of your face and makes you hot. Then her boyfriend takes off her socks to show off her perfect feet and allow you to stare at them...

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