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Girls use men as their foot cuckolds

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Goddess Sheila had not gotten a new boyfriend after she had broken up with her boyfriend. He was always on her case and she wanted him to stop nagging her about taking him back so she foot cuckolded him to see whether that would stop him. She had him lick her feet while she was having a sex chat on video with another guy. He was humiliated and he learned to stop nagging her.

Mistress Janine wanted to go out with a bang and that is why she degraded her boyfriend before she broke up with him. The mistress used her foot cuckold fetish to do it. She was having crazy foreplay with this guy as her boyfriend was forced to lick their feet. He had never felt that bad in his life and once it was over, she broke up with him, making it worse.

Goddess Sheila knew that her boyfriend was jealous and he was super proud. And since he was getting on her nerves and not wanting to change his bad behavior, she knew a better way to punish him and to get him to change the way she wanted. She turned him into a foot cuckold and had fun chatting with another man on video while her boyfriend licked her smelly feet.

Nothing is more embarrasing than having to lick the bottoms of some sweaty feet while the woman that you are crushing on is making out with her boyfriend on the couch. Diana and her ex-man doesn't care; as a matter of fact they enjoy a good long laugh. Her sexy feet are shoved into his mouth while she orders him to lick away. He's bound so he can't do anything.

Diana and her boyfriend are having a sexy and hot session in their living room. Underneath them is a slave they are ignoring while making out passionately with each other, slopping up their spit and fondling each other. Mistress Diana slips off her black boots and stuffs her bare and sweaty feet into the bound slave's mouth as she continues to lick all over her boyfriend.

"Yes that's right, keep licking my dirty shoes you disgusting pig. Stick that tongue of yours out! That feels good doesn't it? Eat the dirt you silly worm! Stop fighting silly - my boyfriend wants to kiss me so be a nice little foot mate and shut up! If you behave like a good carpet I will allow you to worship my bare feet..."

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