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Mistress Morgan lives with her loser cuckold slave Mitch and she has come home today after going out on a date with a real man and she can't wait to tell her cuckold loser about it. She makes him get on the floor by the couch as she rubs her sweaty feet all over his face and tells him they are sweaty because she went out dancing with a real man. A man that he will never ever be!

Miss Tessa invites her footboy to a date but what this footboy does not know is that it is not going to be a date between him and Miss Tessa but between Miss Tessa and another man! So he is forced to get down on his hands and knees out in public while she sticks out her sweaty feet for him to worship all over with his wet and anticipating tongue.

Miss Kimmy and her boyfriend love to hang out and spend time together. Sometimes that means they will have Miss Kimmy's slave show up for the fun. The slave must clean her pretty feet right in front of Miss Kimmy's boyfriend and take all the humiliation whether he likes it or not. Miss Kimmy will laugh the entire time at how stupid the slave looks like licking her feet.

Lucy and Holly decides to go the park. They both have on leather boots up to their knees. The walk there and the sun makes their feet sweaty and slightly stinky. They are still hot though, they peel the boots off and try to tempt you into being their own personal foot licking slave. Doesn't matter if it's in public they want you on your knees.

Nothing is more embarrasing than having to lick the bottoms of some sweaty feet while the woman that you are crushing on is making out with her boyfriend on the couch. Diana and her ex-man doesn't care; as a matter of fact they enjoy a good long laugh. Her sexy feet are shoved into his mouth while she orders him to lick away. He's bound so he can't do anything.

See the two young and hot Dommes Jenna and Krista make out and fondle each other while they order their foot slave to lick away at their sweaty and bare feet. He plugs his nose so he wouldn't smell the pungent smell coming off of their feet. The sole licking turns them on and they have sex ignoring the slave.

Mark is so in love with his new fiancee. She is so freaking hot and when they are in public he gets excited because he has her on his arm. Her innocence only stops there. Dressed in lingerie the bitch comes out and she makes her man put on a mask and worship her feet all night. She slaps him around if he doesn't lick her sweaty feet.

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