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When Candy Alexa gets dressed, she calls her slave into the room. She knows she is married to her worthless slave but she still wants to have fun with a real man. As she is getting dressed, she tells him how much fun she is going to have stripping out of her jeans and shirt to show off her sheer panties. She tells her slave that she wouldn't have to do this if his dick was bigger.

The sexy goddess with gorgeous breasts and lean, long legs wearing black lingerie and stockings and matching black heels humiliates and insults you in this cuckold POV scene that leaves you helpless to respond in any way but to accept her terms. Her dominant beauty and her selfish mastery over you are absolute as she has you whimpering and worshipping her and doing whatever she wants you to do.

Imagine walking in your bedroom with this hot ass MILF laying across the bed in black lingerie with developed titties nearly spilling out her top, black stockings covering her long legs and devil red high heels on her feet. Mistress Lucy is making your fantasy come true. Only thing you need to do is let her shove her sweaty stockings that has spit on them in your mouth and gag on it.

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