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Girls use men as their foot cuckolds

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This mistress despised this loser. But he was into her and he wanted to date her. She had tried to tell him off but he still persisted. She chose to cuckold him hoping it would make him see some sense. She was with this guy she was sleeping with and she invited the loser. They kicked him and humiliated him using their feet. He licked the soles of their feet while they had fun.

See the two young and hot Dommes Jenna and Krista make out and fondle each other while they order their foot slave to lick away at their sweaty and bare feet. He plugs his nose so he wouldn't smell the pungent smell coming off of their feet. The sole licking turns them on and they have sex ignoring the slave.

Mistress Harper meets her new boyfriend. They both are sitting on chairs as she calls out for her slave. He enters the room instantly as the princess begins to kiss her boyfriend. She points on her feet and the slave immediately begins to kneel to her feet and worships her stinky bare feet. Her boyfriend breaks out in laughter but her slave just keeps doing what he was told to.

Mistress Aaliyah sits on her favorite black couch as she calls out for her slave. She wants to phone her best friend and demands her feet to be worshipped by her slave in the meanwhile. He instantly gets on his knees and begins to kiss and worship her shoes. He licks the dirt right off her soles and after that he takes her off to worship her perfect bare feet.

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