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Mistress Morgan lives with her loser cuckold slave Mitch and she has come home today after going out on a date with a real man and she can't wait to tell her cuckold loser about it. She makes him get on the floor by the couch as she rubs her sweaty feet all over his face and tells him they are sweaty because she went out dancing with a real man. A man that he will never ever be!

Mistress Lisa Jordan is a sexy brunette mistress and she has been your mistress and lover for many years. Now you are sitting on a chair in the bedroom and she is laying on the bed in front of you wearing only her best black bra and panties set. She knows how much you like it. She is on the phone while you watch her with her new lover and she is having phone sex with him as she reaches down and massages her pussy and humilites you her cuckold lover!

This crazy and cruel Asian goddess forces her boyfriend to lick her feet as she steps on him and talks about how she will be fucking another man, but that he can watch if he does a good job serving her.

Cruel Kendall loves her boyfriend, but not her cuckold slave. If he does a good job licking her boyfriend's feet then maybe he'll let him lick all the dirty sweat off hers. If he's really lucky maybe he can watch them fuck.

Miss Nikki D has her loser servant slave over to lick her feet and worship her while she makes out with her boyfriend. She makes sure he knows that he can never have her but he can worship her like a proper cuckold.

This cuckolded husband knows how to take it. Lisa Jordan decides she wants to fuck his boss, but he still gets to eat out her pussy. What kind of a deal is that? A great one. She has him locked into submission.

Crazy Crystal loves her hot new boyfriend, except for his dirty feet. Luckily she has a cuckold to clean them off for her. While he is, she kicks him and dominates him, showing him his place as a servant at her bare feet.

When it comes time to go out, this is a woman that takes no prisoners. Gets up to dress for her night of kinky slaving hunting. She decides that she is ready and goes downstairs to look at her husband and slave. She has locked them in a cage and lets them know she is going out. She is going out to fuck and find a boyfriend. Someone that can fuck her and not get clingy.

When Lady Sara takes on a slave, she gets to know them. She gets next to them and slowly begins to take over their brain. She tells them how worthless they are without her. She tells them that she will teach them to be a real man, one that caters to her and gives in to her demands. As soon as she has accomplished that, she makes them do many things to bring her pleasure.

Dani and Nina are both pretty girls, but their sadistic side tends to come out more than often. They are going to make fun of their slave. They will show him their toes, and wiggle them for the slave. He is going to sit and watch the teasing, but he can't do anything about it. They love to embarrass him, because he is such a loser.

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