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These two sexy girls show off their bare feet in their London flat as they show their hot painted red and orange toenails. They unwind on the sofa wriggling their hot toes and playing with their hot bare feet. They are dresses in their bras and panties and are two of the most beautiful dommes around as the sexy blonde and brunette show off their hot bodies and their feet

Sexy brunette and blonde Kim and Kate trample over this slave while they wear their hot schoolgirl skirts and make out with each other on top of for his ultimate humiliation. They crush the slave Walter while standing on top of him letting him look up their skirts to see their hot panties. The girls kiss each other very passionately making Walter very hot but he can only look up

The sexy goddess with gorgeous breasts and lean, long legs wearing black lingerie and stockings and matching black heels humiliates and insults you in this cuckold POV scene that leaves you helpless to respond in any way but to accept her terms. Her dominant beauty and her selfish mastery over you are absolute as she has you whimpering and worshipping her and doing whatever she wants you to do.

Mark is so in love with his new fiancee. She is so freaking hot and when they are in public he gets excited because he has her on his arm. Her innocence only stops there. Dressed in lingerie the bitch comes out and she makes her man put on a mask and worship her feet all night. She slaps him around if he doesn't lick her sweaty feet.

Danielle is a very demanding bitch who wants everything done right and when she wants it done. Her foot slave is massaging her bare feet while she is trying to get her appointments right on her smartphone. She yells at him and call him all kinds of names making him her humiliated slave but he keeps rubbing away at those sexy feet.

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