Foot Cuckold Clips

Girls use men as their foot cuckolds

Goddess Kim orders her slave to lick her sexy black high heels clean with his worthless tongue so she will look good when she goes out to visit her lover. The slave is verbally humiliated by Kim and then gets down on his hands and knees to lick her black high heels thoroughly making sure they are totally spotless so Kim can go out with her lover and parade around town

Miss Nikki D invites her slave loser over her apartment so he can lick her sweaty white socks and in between her toes with his nasty tongue. Nikki also has her boyfriend over and humiliates the slave even further by making out with him and having him laugh in the slaves face. The slave licks her stinky socks good and then removes her socks to lick her bare feet

The two sexy goddessses, Mistress Lucy Zara and Mistress McKenzie humiliate their foot slave by having hin lick their sexy knee length black boots and their bare feet with his tongue. This slave has been stripped down to his pants and is verbally mocked by the gorgeous blonde and brunette who are dressed in very sexy lingerie. They trample on the slaves head and make him lick the carpet fibers

The gorgeous ebony goddess Ruby humiliates you by locking up your balls with her chastity device and throwing away the key. You have absolutely no power as the sexy chocolate girl with her fabulous tits owns your balls for good. The cum is going to build up inside you day by day but there is nothing you can do about it as Ruby doesn't give a shit about your problems

The gorgeous blonde Lucy has had it up to here with her useless husband who lost his job and is not bringing in any income. She humiliates him by making crawl around the floor like a dog and than suck on her black high heel like a cock. Her friend Linsey joins in to degrade the loser husband. The girls go out for a night out on the town leaving him

Sexy brunette Nina has returned home from the office to find the house a mess and she's going to take it out on you, slave! She's punishing you by making you her foot slave and licking the grime and dirt from the soles of her high heels as she verbally humiliates and mocks you. As an added punishment she makes you lick the carpet clean with your tongue, every last dirt speck.

The sexy mistresses Danielle and Sophia have totally used and humiliated you by making you their financial slave. They have paraded around the shops of the city all day spending your hard earned money. Now you get to be their foot slaves as you must lick the dirt and grime from the bottom of their high heels when they come home from the city streets. You are just a pathetic man to them

The gorgeous erotic blonde Danielle has just broke the bad news to you that you won't be fucking her tonight in the honeymoon suite. She has just told you that its been your best man she's been fucking all this time behind your back and it's going to continue that way and there's nothing you cna do about it. This hot mistress has just humiliated you in the worst way

The beautiful blonde princess Portia has great breasts and a lovely wonderful ass but all you want is her sexy bare feet. You drool as she has on her black heels and takes them off to reveal her sexy bare feet. Desperately you want to know how they feel, smell and taste and you have now become her personal foot slave. You will now worship her feet for life

If you accept your new role as a cuckold for the beautiful blonde goddess Danielle you can kiss all of your money goodbye as she plans to spend it with a real man this weekend. Watch this sexy blonde dressed in her sexy black lingerie and thong humiliate and ignore you as she gets fucked by a real man again and again in the hotel room bed on this getaway

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