Foot Cuckold Clips

Girls use men as their foot cuckolds

Mistress Vaughn has on her favorite socks and her boyfriend is laying right next to her so she has an idea. She uses him as his foot slave. Her socks have a slight smell to them, but he doesn't mind. He works his tongue all around her socks and pushes them as far in his throat as he can.

Mark is so in love with his new fiancee. She is so freaking hot and when they are in public he gets excited because he has her on his arm. Her innocence only stops there. Dressed in lingerie the bitch comes out and she makes her man put on a mask and worship her feet all night. She slaps him around if he doesn't lick her sweaty feet.

Blonde bombshell Domme Sara V has a hot ass roommate that loves to participate in her sexual activities. Domme and her rock and roll boyfriend do a little foot tease with her petite feet but not before they make her BF smell her sweaty socks and after that she stuffs her bare feet in her mouth while they have sex.

Diana and her boyfriend are having a sexy and hot session in their living room. Underneath them is a slave they are ignoring while making out passionately with each other, slopping up their spit and fondling each other. Mistress Diana slips off her black boots and stuffs her bare and sweaty feet into the bound slave's mouth as she continues to lick all over her boyfriend.

This couple is sitting right across from you teasing you because you are a cuckold slave. Their tongues do a freaky dance until their mouths are filled with each other spit then the sexy red head spits right in your face and laughs. She taunts you and pushes you over and stuffs her stinky feet right in your face and makes you lick them clean

Danielle is a very demanding bitch who wants everything done right and when she wants it done. Her foot slave is massaging her bare feet while she is trying to get her appointments right on her smartphone. She yells at him and call him all kinds of names making him her humiliated slave but he keeps rubbing away at those sexy feet.

Mistress Annalise is sitting on her bed while her slave is lying on the ground right under her sexy sneakers. She calls a girlfriend and rests her sneakers on her slaves face. Then she takes them off to make him smell her stinky socks. Finally he gets rewarded for being such a nice little pig: She rubs her bare feet all over his face and grants him to lick her soles clean...

Mistress Annabella makes her slave smell her stinky socks. He sits on her favorite red sofa with her as she lifts her socked foot and asks him if her foot stinks. He bends over like a submissive loser and takes a big sniff. "No Mistress, your socks are smelling wonderful, my Mistress"...

Mistress Harper meets her new boyfriend. They both are sitting on chairs as she calls out for her slave. He enters the room instantly as the princess begins to kiss her boyfriend. She points on her feet and the slave immediately begins to kneel to her feet and worships her stinky bare feet. Her boyfriend breaks out in laughter but her slave just keeps doing what he was told to.

Mistress Aaliyah sits on her favorite black couch as she calls out for her slave. She wants to phone her best friend and demands her feet to be worshipped by her slave in the meanwhile. He instantly gets on his knees and begins to kiss and worship her shoes. He licks the dirt right off her soles and after that he takes her off to worship her perfect bare feet.

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