Foot Cuckold Clips

Girls use men as their foot cuckolds

Sexy princess Jenny prepares herself for a date. She puts on her sexy nylons and her favorite high heels. She knows how to tease you and she enjoys you groveling at her feet on the ground. But as her cuckold boy toy you will never touch her and stay at home like a good little slave...

Miss Crash invited a fan to her home but when he arrives she's making out with her boyfriend - which is much more important than the fan. But she agrees to let him worship her feet - while she's making out with her man. She also kicks his balls a few times and uses him as her human ashtray when she decides to push the humiliation to the absolute limit. She tells him to worship her boyfriend's shoes and bare feet too - or he'll never worship her feet again. Of course the foot-perv isn't really excited about worshipping a man's disgusting feet but he does it anyway!

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