Foot Cuckold Clips

Girls use men as their foot cuckolds

Dani and Nina are both pretty girls, but their sadistic side tends to come out more than often. They are going to make fun of their slave. They will show him their toes, and wiggle them for the slave. He is going to sit and watch the teasing, but he can't do anything about it. They love to embarrass him, because he is such a loser.

Goddess Megan is getting ready to go out on a real date with a real man. She is going to make fun of her lame cuckold slave. He isn't worth anything more than kissing the ground she walks on. She is going to belittle him and laugh at what a loser is before she takes off on her date. Her slave is a weak little fucker.

Goddess Kim loves to add new slave into her mix, so that she can have a new playtoy to laugh at and make fun of. Her qualifications are a small cock, very pathetic, and a bitch boy. The slave must sit and watch Goddess Kim have sex with her boyfriend, and the slave must lick the cum from Goddess Kim's body wherever it has been deposited.

Miss Nikki is with her boyfriend and sister, having a fun time, when she has the opportunity to humilate a pathetic little foot slave. She kicks him in the face with her bare dirty feet to put him in his place, then allows him to lick her feet while she makes out with her boyfriend

Lucy is your new boss, and she's really putting her foot down. She has you under her desk to look up her perfect long legs and doesn't even bother to toss her blond hair to humiliate you. She makes you lick her high heels and smell her perfect stockinged feet

Lesbian Mistresses Georgia and Kiara like to make fun of boys who think they can have either of them. This time, they stretch out on the couch to make out with each other and make fun of this loser boy who is only there to lick their shoes and smell their dirty socks. He can't compete with these perfect girls

Joe's been a bad boy. So bad, in fact that his Mistress Megan has over an really attractive couple -an asian hottie and her hunk guy- to kick him repeatedly in the balls and dick. When Joe still doesn't learn his lesson, they try on differen high heels to kick him with, and trample on his crotch. They even have him lick the other guy's dirty feet.

Mistress Danni and Mistress Lucy want to give you a quick education in the real world and they are telling you that your tiny cock will never ever ever going to please them or any high class mistress. They tell you that your little cock is no bigger than the heels on their shoes and that it will never get them off so the only thing you are left to do is dream about it!

This sexy mistress has come home after going out on a date with a real man and now her soles are filthy from all the dancing and walking. She sits down on the couch with her date as they start to make out and her cuckold slave kneels on the floor in front of her and she orders him to start licking her soles. He has to lick her soles clean with his tongue and worship her feet until they are completely spotless while she makes out with her real man.

These two sexy blonde mistresses are both wearing a pair of black high heel stilettos with black and white outfits so that they look stunning. They both have over six inch heels on and as they stand at the top of the stairs they get your complete and undivided attention as they show off their sexy feet. They know that their feet are irresistible and that you are going to worship their feet from the moment that you see them.

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