Foot Cuckold Clips

Girls use men as their foot cuckolds

When she has a date with her lover, she doesn't want to go out. She wants to stay in and watch movies. She sits on the sofa with her lover and calls her slave to her. She tells her slave to service her feet. Her lover kisses her as her slave takes her shoes off and starts to kiss and lick her feet. She loves the feel of his tongue on her soles and sucking her toes as she sucks her lovers tongue.

When she comes home, she makes her slave a lot more fun to play with. She takes him and shrinks him. As soon as she has him shrunk, she is ready to play with her feet. She put her feet in his face, telling him to lick and climb. She then makes him drink beer. She enjoys playing with her slave. She loves feeling him play on her feet and when she is tired of him, she traps him in her shoe.

Miss Nikki and Miss Vikki enjoy having a slave. They know they can take their time and do things no real man would allow. Miss Nikki called him into the kitchen and ordered him to lay down. They took turns jumping up and down on him. They enjoyed hearing him grunt in pain. When Miss Vikki's boyfriend came over, they made out while she was jumping on her slave's body.

When Candy Alexa gets dressed, she calls her slave into the room. She knows she is married to her worthless slave but she still wants to have fun with a real man. As she is getting dressed, she tells him how much fun she is going to have stripping out of her jeans and shirt to show off her sheer panties. She tells her slave that she wouldn't have to do this if his dick was bigger.

When Lady Milena takes a slave out of her harem, she wants to spend time with him. She wants to make sure that he knows that he is special for the moment. When put her slave on his back, she put a nylon stocking over his face. She didn't want his filthy face to touch her. She put her bare feet in his face and she made him breathe her smelly odors. She knows that he doesn't like it but she does so she does it for hours.

When Megan decides to shame her husband, she puts him on his hands and knees. As soon as he is close to her feet, she starts to tease him. She tells him that she knows it turns him on to see her feet but his dick is too tiny to make a difference to her. She tells him how bad of a lover he is. She enjoys putting her feet in his face because she knows it gets him horny and she won't let him cum.

When Megan got married, she got married so she can have a man that will love her flirtatious ways. She found that her husband loves to be her little pet and will do anything for her. She enjoys going out with other men and her husband enjoys seeing her happy. She is getting ready for a date and she steps on her husband's cock and balls while she is getting dressed. As she gets dressed, she tells him just how much she is going to fuck her date before coming home.

Mistress Alice is spending a quite evening in with her man and her loser slave is around and being annoying. She decides to have some fun with him and makes him lick her shoes and then her bare feet. Once he is done she makes him move over and has him lick her real mans shoes clean. The slave at first does not listen and she kicks him in the balls until he licks his male masters shoes clean.

Mistress Morgan lives with her loser cuckold slave Mitch and she has come home today after going out on a date with a real man and she can't wait to tell her cuckold loser about it. She makes him get on the floor by the couch as she rubs her sweaty feet all over his face and tells him they are sweaty because she went out dancing with a real man. A man that he will never ever be!

Mistress Brandy has one slave over who has paid her money to enjoy her company and he did not get what he was expecting. She had her lover over and while the slave was there she got into bed with her lover. She then starts fucking him while making the slave not watch and lick her feet instead. And every time she catches him peaking she kicks him in the balls!

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